Steps to Remove Tire Shine from Your Concrete Driveway

When you have a concrete driveway, you want to protect it from marks, cracks and dings that detract from your home’s curb appeal. But if you use tire shine on your vehicle, you may experience unsightly marks you didn’t expect. Along with tire scuffs and other marks left by the rubber of your tires, you can find yourself fighting a never-ending battle. But you can remove these marks more easily than you think by following the steps below.

How to Remove Tire Shine from Your Concrete Driveway

To remove tire shine from your concrete driveway, you will need liquid dish soap, degreaser, water and a scrub brush.

1. Clear Away Debris
The first step is to clear away debris like dirt and leaves. Try first to remove the tire shine marks using a bristle brush and water. Sometimes this is enough to do the trick.

2. Use Soap and Water
If straight water did not clean away the tire marks, mix some dish soap with water and apply it to the stained area using the scrub brush. Rinse with clean water and allow the area to dry.

3. Use a Commercial Degreaser Designed for Concrete
If scrubbing with soap and water did not work, next try using commercial degreaser. Ensure you wear rubber gloves for this process because the degreaser can burn your skin.

The above steps should remove tire shine from your decorative concrete driveway.

Other Tips for Removing Tire Marks from a Decorative Concrete Driveway

Other tips for removing tire marks from your decorative concrete include:

Clean the marks as soon as possible
Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals
Before applying degreasers to your driveway, test them on a small area to ensure the formula does not cause damage or discoloration
Do not use metal scrub brushes because they will scratch your driveway
Pour cat litter on marks and stains, permitting the litter to stay there for a week or longer to absorb the stain
How to Prevent Tire Shine or Other Tire Marks on Your Concrete Driveway

The best way to prevent unsightly tire marks on your concrete driveway is to regularly clean the surface. This routine cleaning stops build-up of chemicals and other materials that make tire marks so difficult to remove. Also, when performing car maintenance, place a drop cloth, cardboard or other material under your vehicle to protect your concrete driveway.

Other tips for applying tire shine to your vehicle’s tires on the concrete driveway include:

Wash your tires using a quality cleaning solution
Dry the tires with a sponge
Only use the necessary amount of tire shine on each wheel
Follow the tire product instructions
Remove excess from each tire to prevent transfer to your concrete driveway

If you continue to have problems with tire marks on your Raleigh area concrete driveway, talk to your concrete contractor at We Do Concrete Cheap. Ask about the type of sealer used on the surface and whether changing sealer will reduce rubber interaction. For example, acrylic sealer interacts more intensely with rubber and can lead to more visible tire marks than other types. It is possible that resealing your concrete using an epoxy or polyurethane sealer will reduce or even prevent tire marks.

Routine Concrete Driveway Maintenance Enhances the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Real estate prices are rising, giving you more opportunities to increase the resale value of your home. Even if you intend to live in your home for the long-term, curb appeal is important. A beautifully installed concrete driveway adds great value to your home and makes the exterior presentation look its best.

If you are interested in decorative concrete, stamped concrete, colored concrete or other options for this major home surface, call the Raleigh area pros of We Do Concrete Cheap. We can design and install the surface you want, then help you ensure it remains beautiful for years to come. Call We Do Concrete Cheap today at 919-454-3927 for more information and scheduling.