4 Concrete Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

Everything seems to shut down during winter. The cold temperature puts everything on hold as the harsh weather penetrates your whole property. As the spring season rolls around, it is time to consider proper concrete maintenance.

After a long winter season, gardens are revived, clutter is removed, and many other projects take place. Maintaining your concrete surfaces is also a task you should consider doing annually.

Like everything else, concrete needs consistent maintenance to increase durability and keep it looking its best. Whether you have a concrete patio, deck, pool, sidewalks, or interior flooring, there are things you can practice to give it good maintenance for long-lasting life.

The better you take care of your concrete, the longer it will last intact and look great for decades. Whether is a small deck or massive pool area, concrete is an investment into the property that must be protected.

As time goes on, you will face the elements, wear and tear, and accidents that compromise the state of your concrete surfaces. At We Do Concrete Cheap, we provide quality workmanship for residential and commercial concrete floors in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas.

Completing regular maintenance on your concrete structures is much easier than you think. Our concrete experts take the time to discuss what you need to know about your concrete.

Let’s view four  concrete maintence tips  for the spring you should consider this spring season to keep your concrete in its best state.

1. Inspect Cracks and Other Damage

The best season to inspect your concrete is during the spring. Winter takes a toll on concrete, especially in areas where it snows and there’s ice accumulation. Concrete contracts and expands with variable temperatures during winter.

This can create damage such as gaps, cracks, and other issues. Springtime is the best time to address these problems. If you are dealing with small pocks and other minor damage, you may be able to fix these with a patch kit. However, more significant damage requires the skills of a professional concrete company.

Schedule a spring visit with a trusted and highly-rated concrete contractor to have all of your concrete structures inspected and fixed. Our team at We Do Concrete Cheap knows exactly what to look for after the winter season and will show you ways to save money on concrete maintenance all year long.

2. Clean

The spring season is also a perfect time to clean your concrete structures. Cleaning can be done with soap and water using a sturdy brush. You may also use a power washer especially if you see stains and accumulated dirt.

Creating a consistent yearly cleaning schedule will ensure your concrete doesn’t start to accumulate unwanted materials. Algae, mold, moss, and lichen commonly build up on concrete if not properly maintained.

Any built-up stains that are not removed become stubborn over time. Some are slippery and can pose a hazard on your driveway, sidewalks, and other areas. Your concrete driveway may be exposed to oil from cars that may require scrubbing with a degreaser.

Stains from efflorescence or salts require a dry brush and white powder cleaner. It is important to know what type of stains you are dealing with and the appropriate products to use. You don’t want to discolor the concrete by using the wrong formula.

3. Seal

Once your concrete is clean, it makes sense to reseal it immediately afterward. While most people call professionals, some do it themselves. If you are a savvy DIY type, you can probably reseal the concrete yourself if you know the proper techniques.

Consider using a sealant twice per year that continues to work over time to prevent new growth. Before choosing a product, do a test spot to make sure you get the reaction you expect.

You must be aware of the importance of sealing your concrete after is clean. It will make a huge overall difference and will cost you much less money in the long run. Think of it as taking your car to get an oil change. The engine will not last long if you don’t do regular oil changes.

4. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Oftentimes, people find it challenging to stay current with the upkeep of their concrete. They also run the risk of damaging their concrete by making mistakes with the wrong products or techniques. Therefore, knowing how to maintain concrete properly requires expertise.

Scheduling a professional annual inspection for your concrete surfaces will save you money and headaches. At We Do Concrete Cheap, we stay in touch with all of our customers and help them develop a regular maintenance schedule that keeps their concrete looking great for years.

With more than 15 years of experience, we have developed an effective spring season plan that protects your investment. We are a trusted concrete company in Raleigh NC dedicated to helping customers understand everything they need to know about their concrete surfaces.

Using  these concrete maintenance tips for the spring can become an easy part of taking the best care of your property and we are here to help. No matter the condition of your concrete, we will leave it looking in its best condition possible.

Schedule your concrete inspection and maintenance with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Call us at 919.454.3927 and make your appointment today!