Landscaping is about transforming the outside space into something unique and inspiring.  Yet, making something look appealing to the senses is not that easy when you need materials that will hold up over time, resist the elements, and create the right atmosphere for your home. For this, landscaping experts explore the different materials available to create a design that is both natural and practical.

Stone aggregates have many advantages as landscaping materials, and it’s why they are prized materials in the landscaping universe. What makes aggregates a favorite landscaping material? Let’s dig in.

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What are Aggregates? 

Aggregate refers to a wide range of medium grain materials that can include crushed stone, sand, fill, and gravel. This is a natural material that is found in various forms and sizes. It is ideal for landscaping because of its variety.

Some of the crushed stone is created with machines that break down large rocks into small pieces. This type of crushed stone is often used for laying down paths, driveways, walkways, and more. It gives the space a vibrant and natural aesthetic without too much hassle. 

Benefits and Characteristics of Aggregates in Landscaping 

Landscaping serves several purposes at once: it infuses a space with beauty and aesthetic organization, it maintains home value and comfort and keeps a space from looking abandoned, chaotic, or disorganized. Here’s how aggregates play a role:

Prevent and/or Minimize Pests and Weeds

If you live in the Southwest, you know a thing or two about the prevalence of weeds and how consistent and stubborn they are. It doesn’t take much rain or moisture in the desert to have these plants sprouting up all over your yard, making it look like you haven’t been home for weeks. Aggregate materials help minimize the growth of these weeds and keep a sparse environment that is less attractive to pests. 

Other landscaping materials like mulch can attract smaller insects and create an environment for slugs or other pests. 

Drainage and Moisture Control

So much of being a homeowner is finding ways to avert water and the accumulation of moisture around your home. When setting up landscaping in your backyard, on the side, or in front of the house, you want to consider how the flow of water is going to affect this. 

Organic material will usually trap or capture water and allow it to saturate. Aggregates are great for drainage because they allow the surface water to drain into the soil. When used and installed correctly with a good base- such as crushed concrete- the water will soak down into the soil and avoid the forming of puddles or pooling water. 

Consistent and Reliable 

When you set up your landscaping, you want a material that is reliable to do its job and doesn’t cost you headaches. You don’t want to keep having to arrange or organize the backyard or front yard every time there is a little wind or rain. Aggregates will hold steady for long periods, making them a consistent and reliable material. This means you have a certain amount of control of how you want your yard to look at all times, without having to rearrange plants constantly.

Resistant to Elements

Unlike other organic materials, rock and gravel do not decompose or disintegrate over time. You can keep your yard looking organized, clean, and beautiful for a long time to come. If you want a low-maintenance approach to your landscaping, aggregates create beauty without the hassle of clean-up or constant maintenance. 

Aggregates for landscaping are unique because they do not require to be watered or fertilized. This minimizes the work you have to do in your yard, but it does not sacrifice beauty or aesthetics. When used in a creative way, aggregates add a unique and natural look to any space, whether you want to set up walkways and paths, a garden, or decorate the front of your home.

Aggregates can be used in many different creative ways including creating borders, outlining paths, creating pathways or walkways, and much more. 

Ready to Transform Your Home with Natural Materials?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping an existing yard, aggregates give you a lot of bang for your buck. Not only is the material natural and accessible, but it serves a landscape well for years to come. 

If you’re thinking of doing a landscaping job- big or small- consider aggregates for the task. Do you want to learn more? Call New Mexico Ready Mix and speak with our team. 



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