Residential concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a stylish and functional option that makes a bold statement in any type of home. This is especially true in modern constructions.

Originally seen mostly in industrial settings, concrete floors are now commonly used in modern and vintage homes. This is because of their functionality, versatility, and beauty. Concrete flooring brings a neutral element to a space and thus its coldness must be balanced with warm furnishings.

We Do Concrete Cheap provides quality concrete floors in Raleigh, NC. It is important to choose a trusted contractor when you are ready to explore the option of concrete floors for homes. Residential concrete floors are chic, functional, clean, and a new way to bring a unique element to your home.

Why Concrete Flooring?

Once you see concrete floors for yourself, you’ll realize how amazing they are. Aesthetically, they bring a very special element to any space. Additionally, they can be used all around the home in places such as kitchens, bathrooms, patios, garages, and more. Even bedrooms look stylish when concrete floors are contrasted with beautiful rugs.

Besides the beauty concrete flooring brings to a space, there are many benefits of using this type of material. Concrete floors have benefits including:

Low Maintenance



Design versatility

Take a Break From Hard-to-Maintain Flooring

Anyone who has a home knows the importance of using materials that will liberate you from difficult maintenance. It is very easy to keep concrete floors looking their best for years.

You can rest easy knowing that you will have flooring that looks great without much effort. Since residential concrete floors are known for durability, you don’t have to do much to keep them looking fresh.

Typically, concrete floors require that you wax or seal high traffic areas of the home. Those areas that are not frequently used can go up to one year without waxing or sealing. Generally, all you have to do is simply do periodic mopping with a neutral cleaning solution.

If you even encounter cracks or other types of damage, they can easily be fixed by a concrete professional. The process entails grinding the patch to make it smooth. It is followed by a refinish that will make the damaged area like new once again.

Save on Flooring With Concrete

Having a luxurious home doesn’t mean expensive flooring. Something amazing about flooring is that it looks luxurious without breaking the bank. Installation prices vary according to the finish you choose. You may choose to have a stained, etched, or polished finish.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, you may also choose to colorize your concrete floors through staining. For a more multi-dimensional home, you may choose to add multiple colors to your floor. You can get very creative when it comes to concrete!

Some people choose to have multiple colors, geometric patterns, stamping, or texturizing. Your unique polished concrete floors are sure to make a big statement in your home.

Enjoy Years of Beautiful Flooring

No matter the type of finish, you can be sure that concrete will stay around for future generations. As long as the floor is well maintained and sealed on schedule, it will look great.

In contrast, when you choose hardwood floors or carpeting, you will spend a whole lot more money to maintain your floors. Concrete flooring is extremely durable as it is naturally derived from stone.

You don’t have to worry about the amount of foot traffic in your home. The idea of concrete floors for homes was inspired by commercial spaces. Places such as warehouses and storage facilities where the wear and tear are extreme. At home, they can easily stand up to the needs of residential space.

No worries about wearing high heels, having pets, or having heavy furnishings. To make a chip or scratch on concrete floors takes a whole lot of force. Plus, if damage does occur, repairs are simple.

Use Concrete to Design Your Home With Style

The versatility of concrete floors is second to none. Concrete is a material that brings a stylish element to both outdoor and indoor spaces. You may choose to leave its original rough texture or have it polished smooth.

Whether your home is a modern or vintage style, concrete flooring opens the space to countless possibilities. They go well with a variety of home decor while allowing you to maintain a clean space.

Since concrete can be finished in a variety of ways, it can match your style. You can even create a marbling effect to make your home more dimensional. The natural roughness of concrete is beautifully paired with materials such as metals, crystals, and velvet.

Going Beyond Indoor Spaces

The great thing about working with a concrete contractor is that your whole home can be taken care of by the same company. Many people are choosing concrete to create beautiful and durable spaces indoors and outdoors.

Consider these areas:

Inground Pools

Remember that concrete comes in a variety of finishes, which means you can have each part of your home designed with its unique finish. Concrete never gets boring!

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