Are you looking for creative ways to separate different sections
of your backyard? Do you want to highlight where your flower beds
begin or construct elegant pathways that let you stroll through
your garden?

Decorative concrete is very versatile and gives you a lot of
creative control over your landscape design. Whether you’re
looking to build a
spacious patio
or simply line your lawn with pavers, decorative
concrete is a flexible, durable, and beautiful choice.

Here are a few unique concrete landscape edging ideas to
jump-start your creativity:

1. Choose Stamped Concrete that Looks Like Natural Stone

Stamped concrete edging is the perfect way to achieve the look
of brick or stone landscape edging but with less hassle and
maintenance. One of the main
upsides of stamped concrete
is its versatility. While patterns
that resemble brick or stone are common choices, you can choose
just about any design and color under the sun!

Garden Edging Ideas

Best of all? Stamped concrete is more than just pretty. Like
other types of concrete, stamped concrete designs stand up to the
rainy season and will look great for years to come. Unlike
traditional metal landscape edging, stamped
is durable and won’t rust over time.

2. Build Raised Concrete Flower Beds

Whether your backyard is already on a slope or you want to add a
few raised flower beds to your existing yard, concrete is a great
way to secure dirt and plants and create a dynamic, multi-level
landscape design.

Backyard Concrete Retaining Wall with Garden Border

This kind of raised concrete edging isn’t just for flower beds
either. Here are a few other ways to incorporate raised concrete
into your landscape design:

  • Raised concrete patio
  • Concrete
    leading down to a pool, fountain, or firepit
  • Concrete benches set off from a path

3. Create a Winding Concrete Pathway

A relatively simple concrete pour can create a gorgeous winding
path that will transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis,
especially with the right lighting, plants, and maybe even a

bench or two lining the path

Winding Concrete Pathway in Yard

Choosing a concrete path rather than a traditional edging design
is a great option for backyards with dense landscaping or wooded
environments, as it more clearly separates sections of your yard.
It also allows you to walk among bigger, more lush plants and have
a better view of all of them.

4. Add Embedded LED Lights

Lighting is one of the easiest aspects of landscape design to
overlook. After all, you probably tend to do most of your yard work
while it’s light out. But good lighting may prompt you to spend a
lot more time in your backyard, and
embedding LED lights
into your concrete edging is the perfect
way to make sure your plants, patio, pathway, and other outdoor
spaces are safe and beautiful after the sun has set.

Concrete Curbing with LED Lighting in Backyard

Whether you’re looking to add edging to highlight a few flower
beds, a pathway through your garden, or a whole new patio with a
firepit, LED lighting will make your backyard look more tidy and
serene. Plus it’ll be safer year-round.

5. Mix It Up with Several Types of Edging

The great thing about concrete is that it’s extremely
versatile and looks great with just about any type of landscape
design and layout. You don’t have to settle for just one type of
landscape edging.

Backyard Garden Design with Square Concrete Pathway Edging

Especially if you have a big yard with several areas you want to
section off, think about adding several types of edging. For
example, you could choose a simple pathway and a couple of raised
flower beds. Then you could section off some larger plants with
stamped concrete edging designed to look like bricks. The sky’s
the limit when it comes to what you can do with concrete!

Looking to revamp your backyard with concrete landscape edging?

Separating your backyard into sections with concrete edging can
transform your yard into a gorgeous, serene space where you love
spending time. It can also make yard work a whole lot easier to
manage. Our team of professionals at GWC Decorative Concrete has
more than 75 years of combined experience working with decorative
concrete to help homeowners in the Portland area create the outdoor
(and indoor) spaces they’ve always wanted.

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