Investing in a concrete driveway can be a costly endeavor, and making sure it lasts is important. Driveways bear a lot of weight, with cars driving in and out regularly and being parked on the surface as well. With this constant burden of weight, driveways can settle and sink, causing cracks to form in the concrete. If the settling and cracks are not repaired promptly, continuing to drive on the damaged driveway can cause the concrete to shatter, for which the only solution is replacement.

Driveways are also constructed in such a way that they are sloped gently to divert water from the foundation of your home, allowing it to run off safely. If there is any settling or sinking of your driveway, it can cause an uneven surface that will interrupt the drainage design and cause water to pool on the surface.

At Concrete Uprising, we have unique methods to repair driveways that will level out the surface to remedy sinking and settling, and will do so without adding extra concrete. Additional concrete on the surface can make the problem worse– throwing extra weight at the issue will only exacerbate your issues. Our concrete repair method works by injecting concrete leveling foam underneath the driveway surface to eliminate your issues at the source, restoring your driveway to optimal function.

We stand behind our methods, so much so that we offer a two-year guarantee against settling after our work. If you are looking to level up your driveway and remedy settling and sinking, give us a call! Our expert team looks forward to working with you!