Epoxy Floor CoatingFacilities in North Carolina often find themselves trying to figure out the best solution for their flooring needs. Generally, this decision boils down to deciding between epoxy floor coating and polished concrete replacement. Sure, both types of flooring use concrete slabs for their foundation substrate. However, both surfaces are better suited for different types of situations and environments.

Depending on the environment you’re looking to create, you will be better off choosing one over the other. That way, you can create the type of look and utility that you need. In particular, this difference is important when it comes to the use of the facilities. So, let’s take a look at the difference between epoxy flooring coating and polish concrete replacement to see which is your best option.

The Difference Between Epoxy Floor Coating and Concrete Replacement

The difference between epoxy floor coating and polished concrete replacement lies in the way the flooring is finish. The foundation is laid just the same. However, the main difference is when the flooring is complete.

First, the foundation is laid. In the case of epoxy floor coating, a machine applies multiple coats of two-component layers until the desired finish cures the surface. This creates a durable and impervious coating that protects the floor, thereby proving both performance and aesthetic benefits.

Second, polished concrete replacement is the result of laying the concrete foundation and then polishing the concrete until a nice, shiny coat emerges. This smooth surface is perfect for all types of applications as it requires little maintenance down the road.

Advantages of Concrete Replacement

If your flooring needs don’t require exposure to harsh chemicals, food production, or wet processing, then concrete replacement is a great alternative. This type of flooring is ideal for commercial and all-purpose activities. Additionally, polished concrete replacement flooring requires minimal maintenance. However, it is important to ensure proper cleaning procedures to keep it looking it’s best.

Additionally, you may choose to go with a rough surface finish if your flooring needs are for industrial purposes. Workshops and light-duty industrial applications can benefit from a regular concrete replacement flooring without a polished finish. This is a very cost-effective solution that can suit all your needs.

Advantage of an Epoxy Floor Coating

From commercial to industrial, there are a potentially unlimited number of applications for epoxy floor coating. Additionally, it comes with multiple load-bearing capabilities. You can also configure the floor’s configuration to suit any type of industrial production. Moreover, its aesthetic qualities make it perfect for commercial spaces as well.

So, if you’re looking for all of the applications of concrete flooring, but want additional spec and even aesthetic features, then epoxy floor coatings are a natural choice. Many homeowners throughout the Triangle Area have chosen this route.

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