Epoxy resin, also known as liquid porcelain, is in fashion and is a material that many people are choosing as a floor covering. However, there are people who confuse epoxy coating with epoxy paint.

“When we analyze types of flooring during any project, epoxy paint seems to be a more attractive option (due to its low cost and easy application) than an epoxy coating (which is more expensive and requires professional installation).”

With similar labeling and almost identical names, people may think that they both have the same functionality.

Epoxy CoatingIt is very common in industrial environments | Source: spanish.alibaba.com

However, it is essential to know how to distinguish them. In this article, we will tell you what an epoxy coating is, its advantages and the main thing: what is the difference between paint and epoxy coating.

What is an epoxy resin coating?

Epoxy coatings when mixed with other chemicals, hardens and creates a smooth surface without any roughness and completely level.

It can be applied on existing floors and it’s only used on floors, unlike epoxy paint, which can be used on walls. Here we provide you with an article about epoxy flooring.

The coating is transparent, in its natural state, unless the resin is dyed to obtain the desired colour.

Epoxy Coating FloorThe coating is transparent and therefore gives it that shine | Source: Proyectos.habitissimo.es

The result of applying an epoxy coating is that we obtain a resistant and very hard floor, with spectacular mechanical resistance.

It resists to chemicals and abrasion, making it perfect in parking lots, warehouses, hospitals, laboratories and offices.

Its application and thickness are determined depending on the amount of solid content, that is, it is either 100% solid or 50% epoxy.

A 100% epoxy resin coating is difficult to work with because its application time is limited. Those with less solids have lower viscosity and are easier to apply.

What happens when an epoxy resin coating is used?

The epoxy coating creates a coverage over the floor, increasing its volume by about 5mm. Its application requires previously leveling the surface.

“You have to consider that by applying the coating we’re not only painting it, but also creating a new floor.”

Epoxy Resin FlooringEpoxy flooring | Source: pavex.es

Drying time is longer. You have to wait at least 2 days to step on it and up to 7 before putting furniture on it.

Advantages of an epoxy coating

These are some of the benefits of applying an epoxy coating:

  • Self-leveling

This inherent property eliminates unevenness in the existing flooring and its imperfections.

  • Great value for price

When compared to other polyurethane coatings, epoxy resin is more durable and resistant indoors, which makes its price-quality ratio better.

  • Shine

It offers a longer lasting glossy finish.

Benefits of Epoxy CoatingShine is one of its benefits | Source: epodex.com

  • High quality

It offers great physical and thermal resistance, achieving a durable and resistant flooring.

  • Great waterproofing

It is widely used in food industries as it is a good waterproofing agent.

  • Esthetics

Epoxy coated finishes are a great alternative if you are looking for an aesthetic flooring, with glossy and matte finishes. Quartz can be added to change its colour and adapt it to the customer’s requirements.

  • Endurance

It’s a great protection against corrosion, rust, vehicle traffic, etc.

  • Anti-slip

The coating is perfect for floors that require resistance and anti-slip properties, such as hangars, warehouses, commercial premises, parking lots, etc.

Epoxy Coating UsesMany garages are epoxy coated | Source: mkisb.es

When to use an epoxy coating? And when an epoxy paint?

For individuals who are going to carry out a simple DIY project, epoxy paints offer good resistance and durability. However, paints have a much lower performance than epoxy coatings.

Epoxy paints, being easy to apply, are an attractive alternative, since, even if you don’t have a very advanced knowledge on the matter, you can achieve reasonably good and immediate results. Epoxy paints serve as a short-term solution in light traffic areas.

Epoxy Floor CoatingHow an epoxy coating is applied | Source: trcpaint.com

If installed properly, epoxy coatings offer durable and strong surfaces. It’s common to see it in institutional, commercial or industrial areas, where the wear of the floor is greater (operational activities, frequent cleaning, heavy vehicle traffic, etc.). These are conditions that epoxy paint could never withstand.

These kinds of installations need quality epoxy coatings installed by professionals, if we want to provide concrete optimal durability and protection.

Difference between epoxy resin coatings and epoxy paints

The main difference between epoxy coatings and epoxy paints is in the thickness of the material and its composition.

Although both are made of epoxy, the paint is thinner than the coating.

The maximum thickness of the paint, even if 3 coats are applied, is less than 0.3 mm. It’s a smooth finish, but it will not be able to cover the imperfections of the existing flooring nor will it be able to level it.

However, an epoxy coating is applied in different layers and reaches a thickness of 5 mm. Likewise, it corrects the defects of the floor and levels it, giving it a completely smooth finish.

Another detail that differentiates the two products are their prices, an epoxy coating is much more expensive than an epoxy paint. Epoxy coating is 4 or 5 times more expensive than paint.

Difference Epoxy Paint CoatingAlthough they may appear similar in appearance, their composition and uses are not | Source: glueadhesivo.com

However, where we think that the main confusion occurs is in its popular name.

Many consumers or private users use the term paint when doing DIY tasks, ignoring that it may be a coating. For this reason, manufacturers choose to qualify all products as paints.

This has generated a lot of confusion, because what is sold as epoxy paint can be both coating and epoxy paint. This has led many people to mistakenly buy one or the other product.


The first thing we hope has become clear after reading this article is that epoxy coating IS NOT THE SAME as epoxy paint. It is an important detail to better understand the material we have talked about.

We also want you to know that it is a product that must be applied by a professional team, since it is not like epoxy paint, which can be applied by most. Epoxy resin is dangerous and according to different characteristics, we can find problems with epoxy resin.

In addition, they have very different uses, so it is important that you inform yourself well before buying one or the other.

“AND REMEMBER! Many manufacturers sell epoxy coating as paint, but it is not.”

With an epoxy coating we provide floors with a greater durability, resistance and shine. Its use is mainly focused on industrial environments, because they can take better advantage of its benefits.


Garage EpoxyLet’s hope you never mistake epoxy coating for epoxy paint again! | Source: fixer.esReferences

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