Seasoned business people and newcomers to development projects have benefited in equal measure from the information we’re going to walk you through in this article about the costs of renovating an industrial warehouse.

We’ll tell you the key factors to consider for each type as well as giving you a rough idea of costs

This information is designed to give you the clearest idea possible of how to plan ahead and achieve an optimal renovation according to your project scope with one principal goal: getting the most out of your space and ensuring it gets the ideal renovation.

Warehouse renovation benefits and costs: The lowdown

Deciding factors: What to take into account when planning your project scope.

Broadly speaking, when you’re planning to renovate or “revamp” your warehouse these can include a broad range of considerations beyond the size of your project which is perhaps the most obvious factor. That said, size really does make a difference and we’ll detail current UK average costs below.

The other key factors involve the extent or depth of your project, bearing in mind that you may need to renovate a number of the facilities we cover in this article or just one area of your warehouse. If you’ve just acquired your warehouse and are starting up a project, you’ll need to thoroughly revise the state of the building and its facilities.

Planning the renovation of an industrial building

Tip: Size matters when considering the work that you want to do and overall costing. However, the nature of your renovation is just as important in the overall project costs.

United Kingdom average costs: Prices tend to fall around the £19,000 mark, depending on a variety of the factors mentioned above.

Manpower and planning permission: essentials that are often overlooked.

When we consider the massive diversity of renovations and project types that you might decide on carrying out in your industrial warehouse, it comes as no surprise that manpower costs are just as varied. Depending on the work you do, you could be looking at reaching out to builders, electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, fire safety experts or painters and decorators.

Permissions for the renovation of industrial warehouse

Tip: Consult local tradespeople and find out what the real “going rate” is for quality work in your structure. This varies massively between regions and cities across the United Kingdom and will depend on the company, time scales, quality and city or town.

It’s absolutely essential that you remember this step: going to the relevant town hall facility in your town or region in order to obtain planning permission, permits and/or licenses. These may vary region to region but are the first step to getting your project off the ground.

Planning permission and licensing can be a slow process and its important to get things moving as early as you can at the beginning of your planning stage to avoid any hiccups along the way once you get started with other budgeting.

Planning permission and licensing can be a slow process and its important to get things moving as early as you can at the beginning of your planning stage to avoid any hiccups along the way once you get started with other budgeting. 

United Kingdom average costs:

More than 75 square metres but no more than 3,750 square metres £462 for each 75 square metres or part thereof

More than 3,750 square metres. £22,859 + £138 for each additional 75 square metres in excess of 3,750 square metres to a maximum of £300,000. (2020/2021)

Warehouse roofing renovation: What’s the deal?

We all know that roofing really is everything when it comes to a dependable structure. After all, they provide the protection for our warehouse space from outside elements, hazards and are absolutely essential to protecting stock. 

Costs will depend on the type of roofing project we wish to embark on. For example, waterproofing would be located at the lower, more affordable end of the budget range (remember: waterproofing in absolute tip-top condition is essential) whereas retiling or recoating requires significantly more budget. As you may have imagined, a full change or refit of a roof will put your project at the highest end of the budget range.

Tip: Bear waterproofing and utility bills in mind when you consider roofing. These vital facilities can be dramatically affected by whether or not your warehouse has a sturdy roofing system.

United Kingdom average cost: £300-£380 depending on the roof size and materials.

Why is lighting renovation a safe bet?

Experts will tell you that it’s an absolute matter of fact that lighting really does make a difference. This could be considered a universal rule of thumb for any type of business, whether you’re renovating or starting up in a converted space.

Lighting renovation of industrial warehouse

First and foremost, you should consider prevention of accidents and general safety as a key advantage when renovating lighting systems and electrical wiring. This all falls under compliance and Health and Safety requirements which are increasingly stringent in the United Kingdom and worldwide. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 is perhaps the most relevant.

Secondly, bear in mind that LED lights use less energy than traditional bulbs. Bear in mind that using LED lighting in your warehouse could save you more than £6,000 a year.

Tip: Warehouses tend to be much larger than private flats or shops which is why it’s important to consider larger budgets for fitting lighting systems in your industrial space, regardless of the final use or target audience you have in mind.

Why are toilets, water supply and do plumbing in your warehouse space an essential focal point for renovation?

Let’s put it this way: toilets (restrooms for our American readers) need to be in excellent conditions. If your space or your workforce depend on shower units, lockers or at the very least, basic toilet areas, these spaces can often fall into disrepair and need to be clean and well-maintained. After all, it’s important to remember that workers often use these spaces as a social and practical area. And it goes without saying that customers expect these areas to be spotless.

Plumbing renovation of industrial warehouse

Tip: Bear in mind that when renovating a toilet facility, you’re looking at all of the structure that goes around it, not just plumbing. (and plumbing, as experts often point out, can be one of the more expensive renovation services).

United Kingdom average costs: Toilets might start at £1675 while a full plumbing refit could set you back anything up to £17,000.

Have you thought about flooring? Make sure you don’t overlook it

Warehouses tend to be a bastion of traditional and more basic types of flooring, especially when we think about traditional industrial uses. However, this is changing and many projects now opt for attractive pavement and other design concepts more often than you’d think. This gives a fresh look to your warehouse space and can make movement of materials and facilities easier and more time-efficient.

Concrete floor renovated and polished

Tip: Many projects now encompass the painting of warehouse walls to give the space a more dynamic look. This could be factored into your warehouse renovation cost budget if you wish.

United Kingdom average costs: taking two popular materials, polished concrete or epoxy resin, you’re looking at £150 per square metre.

Fireproofing and fire safety: Not just an option, an absolute must

It’s fundamental that when embarking on any renovation project, we keep fire risk and fire safety at the forefront of everything we do. We’re talking about materials, structure, exits, fire alarm call points (a “break glass” unit which activates an alarm and automatically calls the Fire Brigade) and extinguishers.

Fireproofing refers to anything which makes your building fire-safe and prevents the starting of a fire or the spread of said fire in the case that one should start. In the UK, fire safety regulations are among the strictest the world, and you’ll need to ensure you comply.

‘The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005’ is the legislation that currently governs businesses across the UK. Remember this legislation is compulsory for all businesses running in the UK.

Tip: Know the A-Z of British fire safety regulations and make sure you are able to comply. All local Fire Brigade websites provide this information.

United Kingdom average costs: £200-£900 for your business to determine the systems you need to put in place and receive the initial risk assessment visit.

Advantages of warehouse renovation: From quality of life right through to the bottom line

Did you know that enhancing your industrial spaces and making sure that they’re given a full renovation gives you key advantages as a business owner? In fact, experts assure that an upgrade to streamline your space will enhance the market value of your space, making it more attractive in terms of both real estate and the manufacturing use you already designate to it. Additionally, let’s not forget that your space will become more cost-effective, save money on wasted energy frequently generated in old, undermaintained spaces and boost the range of uses you can give to your space, in terms of working industry-based environments or living spaces which are popping up more and more in cities across the United Kingdom.

Expert workers with hard hats

Industry experts are now highlighting the real business need that upgrading and maintaining warehouses entails, something which is more relevant now than ever in order to remain at the top of your game and ensure that your space offers the maximum in quality and efficiency, for both your warehouse staff and your bottom line.

Streamlining and reducing costs

In addition to taking into account all of the information we’ve laid out in this article, it’s fundamental that you keep best business practices in mind if you wish to streamline or reduce costs. Experts recommend:

  1. 1. Establishing strict building deadlines and timeframes before starting work
  2. 2. Knowing your rights and responsibilities and paying for correct planning permission according to your structure
  3. 3. Looking at environmentally friendly and energy saving options, especially when it comes to lighting systems.

What’s next?

We hope this information has given you a more in-depth insight of what to expect and take into consideration when it comes to your warehouse and a better idea of what this type of renovation really entails. We recommend further research of each individual renovation you want to make while budgeting your project as a whole.

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