Stamped concrete is a beautiful addition to any of your outdoor hardscapes, such as pool decks, patios, driveways and walkways. There is so much a concrete professional can do with this type of concrete surface to enhance the value of your property. However, like any outdoor surface, these get dirty and dingy. They can especially require routine cleaning and maintenance after adverse weather conditions or lots of traffic. So, how do you clean stamped concrete to keep it looking its best?Below are some tips for how to clean stamped concrete from your experienced pros at We Do Concrete Cheap. If you follow these methods, you will keep your concrete surfaces looking their best for many more years to come.

What Is The Best Method To Clean Stamped Concrete?

It is actually pretty easy to clean stamped concrete. You primarily need to periodically sweep and spray the surface with water to avoid surface buildup of dirt and debris. The best tools for getting this work done include a push broom, mild detergent and garden hose.

Steps to clean stamped concrete include:

Rinsing with a high pressure garden hose sprayer attachment

Scrubbing with a mix of water and liquid dish soap, using a push broom to get into all of the grooves

Spray rinsing the surface again to remove soap residue

If your concrete still shows signs of dirt or surface stains, you can use a pressure washer. However, it is very important to clean stamped concrete delicately. Never turn the pressure up too high. Doing so can damage the sealant or surface texture.

Of course, if you want to maintain and restore the original beauty of your outdoor concrete hardscapes, it is best to call your concrete pros at We Do Concrete Cheap in Raleigh, NC. We can clean stamped concrete for you and get it back to its original glory, reapplying sealant as needed.

Remember, sealants help your concrete resist staining. But you should never rely on the sealant alone to prevent the effects of staining agents. Always clean stamped concrete immediately when oil, grease or other staining substances come into contact with these surfaces.

When Should I Have My Stamped Concrete Sealed?

When your stamped concrete is first installed, your concrete pros apply multiple coats of protective sealant. This sealant acts as a first barrier to dirt, oil, grease, chemicals and other staining agents. Sealants also make it easier to clean stamped concrete if you do so on a routine basis. Finally, these sealing coats prevent your concrete designs from color fading caused by the sun’s direct UV rays.

After the original application of sealant at installation, you should have your concrete pros at We Do Concrete Cheap reseal every two to three years or as often as they recommend for your surfaces and environmental exposure. The steps involved in sealing clean stamped concrete include:

Allowing the clean stamped concrete to fully dry

Applying sealer in small sections of two to four square feet

Applying a second coat of the sealer after the first coat sets

The sealing process is a good time to request anti-skid additive for your stamped concrete. This works well on pool decks, patios and other areas to add traction and help prevent slip and fall incidents.

If your clean stamped concrete appears dull or has lost its sheen, it is probably a good time to request resealing by your concrete pros. A new coat of sealant can often restore the more lustrous appearance of new stamped concrete.

Maintaining Your Stamped Concrete in Winter

Winter conditions can be hard on stamped concrete surfaces, even in the fairly temperate environment of Raleigh, NC. To maintain your concrete’s beauty in the worst winter weather, avoid using deicing salts on these decorative surfaces. This is particularly important in the first winter season after its installation. Deicing salts can lead to decorative concrete sealant failures, particularly because of the freeze-thaw cycles these salts create. This damage can also occur on a stamped concrete driveway, when deicing salts run off of parked vehicles.

Help to Maintain Your Clean Stamped Concrete in Raleigh

If you clean stamped concrete around your home and find the results less than satisfying, call the concrete pros of We Do Concrete Cheap for sealing or other services. We can restore the beauty of your aging concrete surfaces, such as through maintenance services, restoration or concrete overlays. Call We Do Concrete Cheap in Bunn, NC at 919-454-3927 for commercial and residential concrete services throughout the Raleigh area.