Non-slip industrial floors offer an extra industrial safety, preventing falls and reducing accidents in work environments.

The BECOSAN® polished concrete treatment complies with the DIN 52617 certification for water absorption that protects against slips.

Falls and slips are very common, accidents account for 86% of all injuries that occur in workspaces. Within this percentage, 90% correspond to falls because the floor was wet.

BECOSAN Anti-slip treatmentThe BECOSAN® treatment guarantees slip resistance on industrial floors

These injuries not only affect the individual, but also have a financial impact on the company, due to the costs incurred in lost productivity and personnel.

Non-slip industrial flooring to reduce slips and falls

Whether it is a logistics center, warehouse or industrial warehouse, guaranteeing the safety of personnel, visitors or clients is a LEGAL OBLIGATION of health and safety. In many cases, it’s just a practical decision, it’s also a vital one.

To reduce falls and slips, the first measure is to make sure that the flooring is dry and clean, but anyone who is in charge of the industrial management of a space knows that sometimes it’s not possible, especially in food industries.

Non-slip flooringAn industrial warehouse with non-slip BECOSAN® floors

Also, floors with a rough texture have a negative influence when carrying out cleaning tasks. For this reason, the BECOSAN® polished concrete non-slip industrial flooring, which is completely smooth, solves this cleaning problem.

These non-slip floors are ideal in places where working conditions are humid and there are constant spills, such as the agri-food industry.

Aesthetics of BECOSAN® non-slip industrial flooring

The aesthetics of our non-slip polished concrete flooring is that of a completely clean and shiny floor.

“We are experts when it comes to installing non-slip industrial flooring throughout the world.”

Slip-resistant flooring in industryWorking on a non-slip industrial flooringWhat are BECOSAN® floors like?

Investing in non-slip industrial floors is one of the most profitable and efficient ways for a company to increase safety in work environments.

“BECOSAN® offers this characteristic for all kinds of industrial warehouses, logistics centers or industrial or commercial spaces in general.”

We offer different finishes in glossy concrete or matt concrete, but all with one feature in common: they are all non-slip.

Every floor we design and install is prepared to respond to the specific requirements and conditions of any industrial activity, in very short execution times.

For BECOSAN® safety is a priority factor, therefore, if you are looking for the safest and most resistant industrial flooring, we invite you to take a look at our BECOSAN® treatment.

  • Industrial FlooringTechnician working on our treatment
  • Slip Resistance Certificate For FloorsOur DIN 51131 Certificate guarantees that our flooring is non-slip

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