Adequate security, through safety barriers and
industrial protection elements, must meet 3

  • High-quality products
  • Productivity
  • Security

The purpose of industrial
y is to
prevent occupational accidents caused by normal daily production

Production is 100% safe when correct industrial hygiene and
safety measures are guaranteed in the worker’s day-to-day

Types of safety barriers

All industrial safety elements must be maintained
periodically if we want them to stay in good condition and fulfill
their main long-term objective: to prevent any occupational
accidents in an industrial facility.

industrial protection elementsIndustrial protection elements

Therefore, here we will list which safety barriers we
believe are essential in any industrial sector.

Let’s get started!

Industrial guardrails

Comprised of 2 strong horizontal bars that protect against
accidental collisions

It contains and guides vehicle traffic, as well as offering high

Industrial guardrail barrierIndustrial guardrail barrier –

It also protects those areas where the risk of collision is most
likely due to the movement of pallet trucks, forklifts, side
loaders, among other industrial vehicles.

Industrial pipe guards

Protective steel guards for pipes and downspouts that
provide high resistance to impacts.

They are very effective and make gutters and pipes on columns,
facades, or walls very visible.

Pipe protectionsPipe protections – Source:

This way, the operator who is maneuvering the vehicle will be
more careful to avoid accidental bumps.

Skirting barriers

Their reduced height allows pedestrians to easily access
protected areas

Barriers for industrial racksBarriers for industrial racks
– Source:

They are used to segregate, divide and protect areas that may
contain machinery, shelving, and other industrial infrastructures,
to protect them from impact, scratches, or blows from industrial
vehicles such as forklifts, pallet trucks, and trucks.

Low profile protection barrier

Used to guide commercial vehicle traffic withing within
warehouses and to protect other machines, walls, and aisles from
accidental impacts.

Anti-collision barrier

It’s an industrial protection barrier that provides high
security against manual and electric pallet trucks and forklifts as
well as resistance to industrial vehicle impacts.

Industrial embedding barriersIndustrial embedding barriers
– Source:

Industrial rack barriers

Protective barriers for metal
industrial racks
. Comprised of two horizontal bars that
protect the side of the shelves, and also its edges thanks to their
L shape.

They are used to avoid bumps or scratches caused by
industrial vehicles when turning.

Industrial shelving protectionsIndustrial shelving
protections – Source:

Floor guide rails

These are essential to avoid industrial vehicle impacts.

They are highly visible and protect machinery, corridors, walls,
doors, etc. at a low height.

Industrial column protectors

Protective barriers for street lamps, pillars, columns,
, etc., with high resistance to impacts, bumps, and

Safe and highly effective industrial protection element,
incorporating steel plates into the protective barriers for a
durable and firm fixation.

Protections for columnsProtections for columns – Source:

They are also widely used in parking lots and garages for
unsuccessful parking maneuvers.

Shockproof industrial protective bumpers

They are used for loading docks and walls. They have a high
elastic capacity to absorb and cushion impacts, scratches, scrapes,
and accidental bumps.

Also, they are used to protect entrances, ramps, doors,
corridors, walls, located outside or inside warehouses, industrial
buildings, production plants.

Pedestrian handrails

Industrial pedestrian safety railings are used
for both outdoor and indoor spaces and can be installed in many
different ways.

Pedestrian handrailsPedestrian handrails – Source:

Industrial barriers

These are industrial protection and safety elements with
high resistance to impacts and are made of steel.

They protect spaces from impacts produced by forklifts, trucks,
pallet trucks, etc.

Industrial barriersSafety barriers – Source:

There is the possibility of incorporating a demountable system
that makes it removable and can be firmly attached again.

It makes it very easy to move around the industrial warehouse
while offering an extra level of security in areas where occasional
access control is required.

Industrial door protections

They are essential to protect the frames and jambs of
loading gates, doors, entrances, and other structures from
industrial machinery and vehicles.

Industrial doors protectionsIndustrial doors protections –

They are used to promote responsible driving by operators.

Pedestrian protection gates

Pedestrian gates and barriers are very simple to install and
define exit and access for pedestrians to public or industrial

Pedestrian safety doorsPedestrian safety doors – Source:

Industrial foam protectors

Within this group of industrial protections, we can include a
wide set of profiles, corner pieces, and other protectors
made of high-density foam, that protect objects and people from
scratches, scrapes, bumps, or accidental impacts.

Normally, they are painted with quite striking and identifiable
safety colours, to mark potentially dangerous areas and thus
prevent accidents.


are used to protect protruding corners or doors from industrial
vehicles accidentally crashing or bumping into them.

Industrial bollards 1Industrial bollards 1 – Source:

Pedestrian guardrails

They are a great combination of horizontal bars to absorb
impacts and metal posts with a flexible base, which offer
protection and industrial safety

Industrial pedestrian barriersIndustrial pedestrian barriers
– Source: proteccionesindustriales.esAlignment guides in loading

They are widely used in external logistics, to protect
loading docks and platforms during the maneuvering of

Drivers use them to guide the vehicle to the loading
, protecting the integrity of the truck and reducing the
possibility of collision.

Industrial handrails

They separate and delimit workspaces and areas in which you may
find industrial vehicles circulating. They are considered to be
a cheap and versatile source of industrial protection.

Industrial handrailsWhat are Industrial handrails? |
BECOSAN®Industrial loading dock guardrails

They protect against moving vehicles, avoiding any risks of
falling, overturning, and slipping when we are approaching an open
loading dock without assistance.

In which sectors can industrial safety barriers be used?

can be installed in any type of workspace in
which its workers have any minimal risk of suffering an
occupational accident, as a consequence of moving vehicles,
mistakes, or failures in industrial activity.

However, by installing industrial safety elements, we are not
only protecting the safety of our employees but also the integrity
and quality of the building’s concrete floor, walls, shelves, and
other typical infrastructures.

The following list is a brief classification of where
industrial protection elements can be used, but they can
also be used at a particular level if there is any risk of
suffering some of the accidents or dangers mentioned above.

Safety barriers: Logistics and transport industry

In the logistics and transport sector, there are many risk
factors involving structures and people.

Perhaps this is the sector in which it is most important to
install industrial safety protectors.

Preventive measuresPreventive measures | BECOSAN®

Safety barriers: Mechanics and automotive industry

In the mechanical and automotive industries, as a consequence of
the frequent vehicle traffic in their respective facilities,
industrial safety barriers are essential.

As we have mentioned previously, vehicles and their drivers
cause the most damage and accidents.

Safety barriers: Industrial/productive sectors

There is no doubt that when a large number of production
activities occur in industrial sectors that, however, remote the
possibility, something may go wrong and put machinery and people at

Industrial production elements are essential to prevent

Protected warehouse areaProtected warehouse area |

Safety barriers: Storage

Inside warehouse areas, a continuous movement of vehicles and,
goods represent a threat to the people, structure, racks,
machinery, etc.

Protections in working spacesProtections in working
spaces | BECOSAN®

Safety barriers: Airports

Airports use means of transport such as buses as well as other
vehicles to move people to different terminals. These vehicles can
cause damage to people and structures.

Safety barriers: The food industry

This sector requires high control and hygiene standards, as well
as also needing safety barriers to protect areas from any
risks of impact.

Safety barriers: Textile and chemical industry

Textile or chemical industrial facilities need to exhaustively
protect their structures, operators, or machinery against any
collision which may be caused by moving vehicles by using
industrial protection elements

The best industrial protection: a BECOSAN® floor

Of course, all the protection elements that we have
mentioned are fundamental in any industrial warehouse, but
we must not forget that a large part of them are attached to the

Likewise, the floor we stand on every day in a factory,
warehouse, or other industrial building can become another
when referring to protection, by guaranteeing
firmness, cleanliness, and grip, avoiding work related

Not all floors are the same. At BECOSAN® we have a patented
floor treatment
, which offers spectacular results and
performance for 10 years.

One of the benefits of this floor treatment is that it has a

DIN 51131 anti-slip certificate,
which prevents unnecessary and
untimely slipping, which can lead to accidents that could have been
perfectly avoided.

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