Signs that You Need Walkway RepairAt Concrete Uprising, we
want to help you keep your concrete structures in the best possible
condition, and that includes your walkways. While concrete walkways
are designed to be tough and durable, certain factors, such as
erosion and settling, can cause them to crack and sink. When this
happens, you’ll need the help of a qualified team to provide
walkway repair services to restore your footpaths to the right
level, smoothness, and strength. In this article, our team will go
over three signs to watch out for in order to determine if you need
walkway repair.

  • Cracks- One of the most obvious
    signs that you need walkway repair
    is the presence of cracks in
    your concrete. As we mentioned above, cracks in concrete occur when
    the soil supporting it erodes or settles, which puts stress on the
    walkway and causes it to break. Once cracks appear, they will only
    get worse over time, so it’s important to arrange for repairs as
    soon as possible.
  • Poor Drainage- Another sign that your walkway
    needs some attention is persistent problems with moisture drainage.
    While water on the surface of your walkway is not usually a
    problem, pools of water around the edges are, as this means that
    the moisture can seep into the ground below the walkway and cause
    those erosion problems we mentioned earlier.
  • Damaged Edges- A third sign that you need

    walkway repair
    is damage to the edges of your concrete path.
    The edges of concrete paths are often the first to succumb to
    excessive wear and pressure, and often crumble away. This creates
    hazards for pedestrians and vehicles who need to use the walkway,
    and shortens the structure’s lifespan overall, so it’s best to
    get it repaired as soon as possible.