Concrete decks by the pool are ideal spots for entertaining. Because concrete is strong, comfortable, and comes in many different styles, homeowners can seamlessly integrate the entire area around their pool into the surrounding landscape. 

If you’re thinking of upgrading your concrete pool deck before summer 2021 goes into full swing, here are some of the trends we’re spotting!

Bigger Decks

In recent years, the concrete deck has become more than just a place to sit with your feet in the pool, maybe with some outdoor seating, a small table, and a grill. They are becoming complete outdoor living spaces, and people want them to have the size to match! 

More homeowners want a larger, more liveable space by their pool to gather outside with family and friends – and in these times, a place where they can physically distance themselves to not worry about germs but still enjoy each other’s company. When the restrictions are over, you’ll still see a desire for larger, more durable decks.


Cool Deck Coatings

Cool deck coatings are a kind of surface or paint, often textured and made by combining acrylic and concrete, that many water parks will use to prevent their concrete surfaces from absorbing too much sunlight. The paint keeps the concrete cool, allowing swimmers to walk barefoot on it without burning their feet. 

As we install more concrete surfaces this year, we can expect to see homeowners asking about this once-fancy surface technology. If you’re going to spend more time around the pool in the summer of 2021, why not make it as comfortable as possible?


Playground Decks

Homeowners are turning their concrete pool decks into the perfect entertaining spots, so why not make it function like a playground? It combines what makes the poolside fun for both kids and adults: you can build a clubhouse with a slide that goes right into the pool for your children while you stay close by and monitor them while you grill, enjoy a cool drink, or sit in the company of other adults!

If your pool’s deck is in an elevated area, you can even install cool features like a rock wall and slides. With some imagination and a durable concrete deck, there’s so much fun to add!


Storage Under The Deck

rear view of house with pool and open dining roomThe trend for more usable poolside space doesn’t only include what’s on the surface – under the deck is an often-overlooked area with tremendous potential for storage. Under your concrete pool deck is a spot ideal for the pool covers and toys, but also other outdoor items like sports equipment, tools, lawn furniture, and any cushions you want to keep out of the elements.

Some ideas include large waterproof drawers that close flush with the deck’s skirting, an under-the-deck custom shed and in-deck storage that opens like a hatch door. All of these are possible with a concrete pool deck!


Concrete Privacy Walls

Privacy walls around the deck of a pool – where your outdoor entertaining will be out for the neighbours to see – are becoming more desirable in 2021. After all, more people are now working and having most of their fun at home!

Understandably, people would rather not have their neighbours looking at them while they relax outside, no matter how friendly they might be. A privacy wall made from concrete and styled to fit in next to your pool deck can be a beautiful way to create a little retreat for you, your family, and a select list of guests!

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