Wire mesh partitions are structures, of greater or lesser complexity, that have two functions:

  1. Depending on the materials we choose, we can shape the architectural aspect of the building, defining its shape, color, texture, etc.
  2. Conserve a specific space and guarantee temperature, acoustics, stability, water tightness, lighting, etc. Characteristics that are needed to provide comfort and well-being within the structure.

Wire mesh partitions are perfect for creating protected workspaces in which there are automated production systems, such as robots or machines.

Likewise, they are used as a safeguard against the probability that something may fly out of the machines, guaranteeing safety.

There are multiple combinations of types of industrial security enclosures, which will depend on the specific needs of each company.

If we want a stable, robust industrial warehouse or plant assembled in a short time, then wire mesh partitions are an ideal option, being able to adapt to any project or task that the company may have in mind.

Industrial wire mesh partitionsIndustrial wire mesh partitions | Source: www.mecalux.es

We all know that the longer the assembly takes, the higher the cost.

Thanks to wire mesh partitions, time can be reduced considerably.

One of the main materials used in the manufacturing of wire mesh partitions is aluminum. This is because it can adjust to each area by allowing a modular system that is modifiable and scalable.

It is increasingly used to create stable structures. Also, it does not burn, being able to withstand high temperatures in case of fire.

Types of wire mesh partitions

Now we will mention the types of wire mesh partitions that are manufactured the most.

Crimped woven wire mesh

It is manufactured with grey galvanized steel wire, with different gauges, heights, and openings.

Besides being functional, safe, and resistant, it can adapt to any type of demand.

It is very effective when protecting machines, doors, windows, partitions, screens, fences … and an endless number of other applications.

Corrugated fabric enclosureCorrugated fabric enclosure | Source: apilink.com.mx

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. As it is made out of galvanized steel, it is resistant to natural degradation and corrosion.

Being so versatile, its design possibilities make it combine perfectly in any environment.

Rigid welded fence

The rigid welded fence constitutes electro-welding wire strands for greater rigidity.

This kind of mesh is considered to have a decorative and modern look, which adapts perfectly to all sorts of wire mesh partitions.

The wired mesh must be attached to vertical posts using clamps, and either fixed to a supporting wall by using anchor plates or directly buried into the concrete.

Industrial folded mesh fencingIndustrial folded mesh fencing | Source: vinuesavallasycercados.com

These mesh partitions are very resistant, therefore, they are widely used in:

  • Playgrounds and schools
  • Parks
  • Gardens
  • Sports facilities
  • Industrial estates
  • Family homes

In short, they are enclosures that guaranteed security, without forgetting the aesthetic component. They can be manufactured with many different finishes.

Electro-welded Wire Mesh

They are flat, rectangular, or square electro-welded panels made of galvanized steel wire.

They can be used to make industrial shelving or to protect public or private property or machinery.

Electrowelded meshElectrowelded mesh | Source: jacomgroup.com

To extend their durability, they can be made of black iron wire, and tubular or angular profiles can be used to make them more robust.

Expanded Metal

It is a type of mesh that is manufactured by stretching and cutting a metal sheet, creating different shapes and sizes to form a regular pattern.

Deploye MetalSource: www.teminsa.com

Nowadays, we can see it being used in decorative architecture

Architectural Expanded Mesh

It is a semi-finished product that has diamond-shaped apertures, which are achieved by cutting and stretching steel panels at the same time.

Unlike other wire mesh partitions, this product does not involve any material loss. This is because, during the stretching process, the perforated areas are deformed.

Deploye ArchitectureSource: vimasasl.com

Depending on the width and length of the format, in addition to the dimensions of the perforation, we can achieve different visual effects with different levels of transparency.

Metal Grating

They offer great resistance and are ideal for fences and stairs.

Metal FrameworkSource: fotos.habitissimo.es

It is one of the most widely spread industrial enclosure materials for false ceilings, steps, walkways, floors, etc.

They are manufactured by electro-welding, which provides uniformity and rigidity to the product as well as manoeuvrability and lightness.

Metal venetian panels

They are specially designed for facade cladding, gates, shading terraces, ventilation grills, marquees, or acoustic screens.

Mallorcan PanelSource: haceros.es

To install them they have markings with or without a flap.

Metal slat screens

The metal slats have a Z-shaped profile which is used in many building systems.

Latticework metal enclosuresLattices for wire mesh partitions | BECOSAN®

The positioning of the slats allowing privacy within the enclosed area to be preserved as well as letting in natural light and ventilation.

Chain-link fencing

They are made out of galvanized wire, which is resistant to tensions of 40-50kg, and a zinc coating, so that they do not corrode due to rainwater, the passing of time, dirt, or other climatic conditions.

Industrial folded mesh fencingIndustrial folded mesh fencing | Source: morasalazar.com

These are very manoeuvrable meshes. They can be cut, joined, and manufactured in all different sizes.

This fencing is the perfect element to enclosure farms, industries, land plots, etc., as it can adapt to all types of terrain.

Mobile fence

Perfect for temporary sporting and public event enclosures, building works, or any fencing which may be needed temporarily.

Industrial mobile fenceIndustrial mobile fence | Source: europa-prefabri.com

The fence is installed into concrete blocks as bases and uses other anchoring systems so the installation can be done safely and quickly.

Enclosures for industrial warehouses

After building the foundations and structure of an industrial warehouse, the next step is to install the industrial enclosure.

By this, we mean the assembly of the building facades, ceilings, walls, entrances, and exits… For all this, there are many solutions and materials.

Roofing and enclosures are essential in any type of industrial building. They are considered to be the building’s shell that surrounds and protects it from any weather condition and, at the same time, are capable of being a key aesthetic element.

Wire mesh partitions are obtained from highly industrialized manufacturing processes, which enable high-quality and homogeneous finishes to be achieved in short periods.

Industrial enclosureswire mesh partitions | Source: mecalux.es

The excellent alternatives for combining different types of wire mesh partitions, mentioned above, make them very adaptable to any kind of project, no matter how complex it may be.

They can be placed horizontally or vertically, and cover different shaped and sized gaps, depending on the needs of each industrial warehouse.

Wire mesh partitions for houses

Would you be able to install an industrial enclosure for your house?

They are an intermediate solution between closed or open environments, being able to combine the advantages of both concepts: the visual connection that provides a feeling of spaciousness and lets natural light through, and their ability to delimit areas and help organize spaces.

Industrial enclosures in housesIndustrial Entrance in Houses | BECOSAN®

However, before deciding whether or not to install an industrial enclosure in your home, you must take into account its design that will be determined by the material with which it is made for it to adapt correctly to the home.

Nevertheless, the most commonly used is metal which can have very varied finishes: lacquered, oxidized, aged, natural, and in many colors.

What if I need to change or remove my wire mesh partitions?

If we decide to remove or take down wire mesh partitions that no longer serve us, for whatever reason (there`s a batter version, they are deteriorated and old, etc.), they may leave the floor on which they were installed damaged.

Both its installation and its removal require some sort of building work, which will leave marks, cracks, or holes in the ground. This issue must be solved urgently, not only for aesthetics but mainly for safety.

In these cases, BECOSAN® offers a concrete floor repair service, in which it uses machinery and top-quality materials to leave it in perfect condition again as if it were new.

For this, we have a patented treatment, which consists of hardening and sealing the concrete floor to cover those cracks and, also, minimize any future damage caused by removing the next industrial enclosure.

Additionally, this service can also include the removal of any remaining screws and hooks in the concrete, repairing expansion joints, eliminating line marks, among others.

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